The Best Hikvision Coloor VU 5MP Camera 8 CCTV Package 3K 8CH DVR with Installation – 2 Years Warranty – Best CCTV Price in sri lanka

Experience the promise of 3K

At the core of this camera is an 5MP image sensor. 5MP means there are more than 5 million pixels, which results in exceptionally sharp 3K video, realistic color representation, and superior digital zoom capabilities. The 87° wide-angle lens also allows your camera to monitor a broader area so you see more and detect motion earlier.

Package Includes,

  • 01 X Hikvision 8 Channel 3K Turbo HD AcuSense DVR iDS-7108HQHI-M1/S
  • 08 X Hikvision 3K ColorVu Dual-light Fixed Mini Bullet Camera DS-2CE10KF3T-L
  • 01 X 1TB  Hard Disk Drive (1000GB)
  • 01 X 12V – 10 Amp Centralized Power Supply
  • 80 meters 3C2V Coaxial Jelly Field 75 Oms 100% Full Copper Video Cable with Power Cables and hardware Items (Trunking/Conduit/Flex/Screws,etc) with Installation

Installation and Commissioning :

This package includ Video cable, Power Cable, hardware accessories with installation. if exceed cable length specifed on the package, additional pay for Rs. 480.00 (per meter) Cabling will be calculated per meter basis – Include with 3C2V 100% copper 75 Ω coaxial Jelly filled HD video cable, Kelani/ACL/Sierra twisted twin 0.5mm power cable, pvc casing, upvc conduits, screw and nails, wall plug, blank plate, wire tie, wiring tape, flexible conduit, labour charge.

  • Internet connection to be provided by customer at installation site
  • Existing TV or Monitor can be used as display unit
  • Available Hard Disk Brands – Seagate / WD / Blue Feather Surveillance
  • For further information and clarifications on CCTV Package Components please call us on 0778 377990

Warranty & After sale service :

  • Two (02) years warranty for DVR and Camera’s against manufacturing defects.
  • Two (02) years one to one replacement warranty for Hard Disk Drive against manufacturing defects.
  • Lifetime help desk support – Our operatives will be on hand to provide telephone support.

HIKVISION COLOMBO –  Office hours:
Monday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM | Saturday: 9.00 AM – 2.00 PM | Sunday / Poya Day: Closed

Hikvision 8-Ch 3K 1U H.265 DVR – iDS-7108HQHI-M1/S

• Deep learning based human and vehicle targets classification of Motion Detection 2.0
• Deep learning-based perimeter protection
• H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression
• HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
• Audio via coaxial cable
• Up to 12-ch IP camera inputs (up to 6 MP)
• Encoding ability up to 3K/5M Lite @ 12 fps

How does AcuSense work?

AcuSense technology uses advanced machine vision AI algorithms built into Hikvision security cameras and video recorders to boost home and business security. Check the diagram below for details.

Where to use AcuSense

Our customers use AcuSense-enabled products for a wide range of residential and business applications. Hikvision customers are currently using AcuSense technology to protect indoor and outdoor areas at:

  • Homes
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Parking areas
  • And more

Hikvision AcuSense——Powerful False Alarm Reduction

Hikvision DS-2CE10KF3T-L 3K ColorVu Dual-light Fixed Mini Bullet Camera


See clearly at night with Color Night Vision

This camera features our revolutionary Color Night Vision ColorVU technology, which will produce full-color video with the help of external lighting around the camera. ColorVU also adds a further level of detail (the color of clothes or cars, for example), and increases contrast for easier detection and recognition of people and objects. Without the help of external lighting.

• High quality imaging with 3K, 2960 × 1665 resolution
• Excellent low-light performance
• 24/7 color imaging with F1.0 aperture
• Clear imaging against strong back light due to 130 dB true WDR technology
• 3D DNR technology delivers clean and sharp images
• 3.6 mm fixed focal lens
• Up to 20 m IR distance for bright night imaging
• Up to 20 m white light distance for bright night imaging
• Water and dust resistant (IP67)
• Smart-Hybrid light, optimize your security with flexible lighting options

Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu

A large aperture, adjustable lighting modes, and other refined technologies bring powerful new features to Hikvision’s Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu, which render professional-quality color imaging even in low-light conditions. 

How does ColorVu improve security?

Zoom in with vivid color

Varifocal cameras adapt to various scenarios by changing the camera’s focal length. Hikvision’s Varifocal Cameras with ColorVu are designed with fixed F1.0 large aperture, which guarantees image brightness while the camera zooms in or out. 

Nighttime performance comparison

Cameras with ColorVu vs. Conventional cameras

Watch this video to see round-the-clock performance of cameras with ColorVu compares to conventional security cameras.

ColorVu Camera With Color, See the True Story


The Best Hikvision Coloor VU 5MP Camera 8 CCTV Package 4K 8CH DVR with Installation – 2 Years Warranty – Best CCTV Price in sri lanka


The Best Hikvision Coloor VU 5MP Camera 8 CCTV Package 4K 8CH DVR with Installation – 2 Years Warranty – Best CCTV Price in sri lanka


The Best Hikvision Coloor VU 5MP Camera 8 CCTV Package 4K 8CH DVR with Installation – 2 Years Warranty – Best CCTV Price in sri lanka

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